Tank Mechanic, Minor Maintenance (660) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects and performs minor maintenance on tanks, tank destroyers, and other full-track-laying vehicles.
Examines armor plate for holes, breaks, or loose bolts. Checks the condition of the lighting, lubrication, fuel, and ignition systems, as well as other units. Operates, services, and adjusts all moving parts including engine, transmission, tracks, torsion bar suspension, steering brakes and other controls, turret traversing mechanism, gun mounts, and cannon. Assists in diagnosing malfunctions. Removes bolted armor plate to repair internal units. Assists in removal and replacement of transmission and final drive. Performs minor engine repairs. Performs periodic maintenance, checks and replaces such accessible engine parts as spark plugs, generators, starters, and fuel pumps.
Uses such tools as wrenches, pliers, hammer, screw driver, cold chisel, and other common mechanic's tools.
At supervisory level is responsible for control and coordinaton of maintenance activities of tank maintenance crew.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Assault Gun Mechanic, Minor Maintenance
  • Tank Engine Mechanic, Minor Maintenance

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