Military Policeman (677) Enlisted Personnel

Assists in the enforcement of military laws and regulations, maintenance of order, and control of traffic.
Assists civilian police in securing compliance with civil laws by military personnel. Protects civilians and military personnel from violence in areas under military jurisdiction.
Furnishes information regarding locations of units and other establishments. Guards property in defense areas against sabotage. Quells uprisings and outbreaks in areas under guard. Prevents and investigates criminal action. Accepts custody of enlisted men who have been apprehended by civilian police for minor violations. Controls stragglers and circulation of individuals.
May receive and act as guard of military prisoners, including their custody care, processing, and evacuation. May supervise other military policemen in carrying out police or guard functions.
Must be tactful and courteous and be an outstanding example of soldierly conduct and bearing. Must understand duties of a military police organization and the regulations which apply to its organization. Must have knowledge of use and care of hand weapons such as pistol, riot gun, and submachine gun.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Provost Sergeant