Power Turret and Gunsight Mechanic (678) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects and repairs airplane power turrets in which machine guns are mounted and services the automatic, self-computing sights of these weapons.
Inspects turrets for cleanliness and checks condition of such features as electrical wiring and tightness of electrical connections. Starts actuating mechanism and operates hand controls of turret to observe its functioning. Moves turret through various azimuths and elevations and checks its speed and smoothness of operation, noting any binding or slipping in gear trains, or other malfunctioning. Removes turret from mounting when repairs are necessary. Such repairs include adjustment and replacement of defective electric motors, electrical controls, horizontal and vertical electric motors, gear trains, and a wide variety of small parts. Fills oil cups and hub dial with lubricant. Checks alignment of self-computing gunsights, calibrates controls, and replaces mirrors and other parts. Removes, cleans, and replaces machine guns in turrets.