Fumigation and Bath Man (706) Enlisted Personnel

Operates one or more pieces of portable equipment used to disinfect clothing, equipment, and personnel.
Assembles and operates fumigation chamber or water heating unit. Seals fumigation chamber and introduces correct amount of toxic gas (methyl bromide) using attached engine, fan, and ducts. Tests for leaks using Halide leak detector. After appropriate period determined by outside temperature, permits gas to escape. Opens chamber and removes bags of fumigated clothing.
Sets up equipment for bathing of personnel. Assembles shower heads, connects water hose, and starts and operates water heating unit consisting of gasoline engine, generator, transformer, water pump, oil pump, blower, fire tubes and boiler. Checks water, oil, gasoline, voltage, and temperature dials. Keeps water at correct temperature and regulates controls. Assists in setting up equipment to secure adequate water supply, drainage, and protection from aerial observation and attack. Cleans fire tubes and boilers and performs minor maintenance and repair, using simple hand tools.
Must know how to pitch large tents.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Fumigation Chamber Operator