Packer, Animal (712) Enlisted Personnel

Slings and unslings loads on horses or mules used in transporting ammunition, matériel, and other cargo necessary for the functioning of field units operating in mountainous or jungle terrain.
Saddles and unsaddles pack animals with a Phillips pack saddle designed for hanger positioned or rope-hitched loads. Prepares cargo for loading by bundling (lairing) in pack covers or mantas depending upon size, shape, and number of bundles to be loaded on one animal. Slings load to back of animal by hand placing it in proper position for transport. Lashes load to pack saddle with ropes, tying such knows as single diamond hitch, double diamond hitch, squaw hitch, and cross tie sling. Slings hanger loads by means of special hangers which fit over hanger bars of pack saddle and secures them by means of a canvas cinch or by straps which buckle in staples of saddle.
May maintain animals in line during marches by walking beside pack animal or by manipulation of bridle reins while mounted or on foot.
Must have more than average strength and be capable of enduring long marches on foot over rough terrain. Must understand care and management of mules or horses.

Suitable Substitutions