Submarine Mine Planter (722) Enlisted Personnel

Works on an Army mine planter as member of a group engaged in lowering and raining submarine mines used for protection of coastal waters and harbor areas.
Assists in raising and lowering submarine mines by means of ship davits, chain blocks and catheads. Connects mine cables to proper mines and makes a watertight electrical joint between loading wire of mine and single conductor mine cable. Assists in moving auxiliary equipment such as anchors, rope, buoys, and cable from dock to ship prior to planting operations. Assists in cleaning, painting and oiling mine equipment during periods when mine planter is not at sea.
Must be above average in physical strength.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Chief Submarine Mine Planter
  • Planting Aft Detail
  • Planting Detail
  • Planting Port Detail
  • Planting Starboard Detail

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