Water Supply Technician (727) Enlisted Personnel

Operates mobile water purification equipment at a water point and issues water to troops.
Connects water hose between water source, water pumps, and filter unit. Starts four-cylinder inline gasoline engine which actuates centrifugal water pump and leads water through filter unit and chemical treating units to canvas storage tanks from which purified water is issued. Prepares hypochlorite solution for purification, and alum and potash solution for filtration of water. Pours solutions into respective feed tanks and regulates rate of flow into unit. Performs standard tests at regular intervals, using chemical indicators and comparator to insure that water is filtered and neutral and that residual concentration of chlorine is not too high. Cleans and washes sand filter by reversing direction of water. Performs minor maintenance on water purification equipment.
May keep simple records of quantity of water issued. May drive truck on which equipment is mounted. May assist water supply noncommissioned officer in locating water point.
Must know principles of water purification including correct portion of chemical solutions needed to purify water.
May supervise other technicians. May reconnoiter de determine adequate water supply in advance of troops.
When assigned to Transportation Corps should be able to treat boiler water chemically.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Filter Operator, Water Supply
  • Filter unit Operator
  • Foreman, Water Supply
  • Water Supply Engineer
  • Water Supply Man