Smoke Generator Operator (731) Enlisted Personnel

Operates and maintains a portable smoke generator used in laying down smoke screens for defensive or offensive purposes.
Obtains and interprets information as to wind, direction, humidity, density, and other factors affecting laying of smoke screens. Receives directions when generator is to be driven and familiarizes himself thoroughly with the exact location by means of maps previously prepared. Drives truck to prearranged location and starts gasoline engine which controls pumps of smoke generator. Pulls lever on smoke generator to start flow of smoke and continues to watch gauges and make minor adjustments. Watches pressure gauges and dial thermometers to determine proper functioning of generator pumps and checks valves. Tightens belts and bleeds oil lines when reading of gauges shows generator is not running properly. Performs organizational maintenance on truck and smoke generator, using screw driver, pliers, S-wrenches, socket wrenches, and grease guns. Makes minor adjustments to electric generator used for lighting oil burners and may disassemble and clean small burner.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Smoke Generator NCO