Radar Mechanic, Ground Equipment (Designated Set) (775) Enlisted Personnel

In connection with mobile or fixed ground radar equipment (designated set), supervises and also engages in work such as assembling, operating disassembling, tuning, aligning, maintaining, and repairing equipment' supervises or assists in the maintenance of performance logs, station records and the stocking of adequate spare parts.
Maintenance and repair work consist of making periodic tests and inspection of equipment; diagnosing the cause and location of equipment trouble, and effecting appropriate repairs and replacements, or improvising and substituting until proper repairs or replacements can be made. Uses small hand tools and also special tools, test devices, and instruments furnished with the equpment.
Must thoroughly understand the purpose and function of all circuits used in the equipment and its normal accessories. Must understand the procedures for operating the equipment under the handicap of interference from similar equipment or from enemy countermeasure activity and be familiar with the usual means employed to minimize the effect of this interference.