Camouflage Technician (804) Enlisted Personnel

Supervises and instructs in the operations involved in camouflaging the appearances, outlines, and shadows of objects and regularly shaped areas to avoid enemy detection either by eye or camera.
Directs the concealment of gun emplacements, observation posts, and munition dumps by erection of garnished nets and natural foliage. Supervises painting of guns, gun carts, trucks, and other military equipment so that they will merge into natural surroundings. Studies actual photographs, and uses them as a guide in directing the change in appearance of airport runways and other areas by painting them to easily blend with surrounding terrain and thereby deceive enemy aerial photographers. Supervises construction of false additions to buildings to alter their appearance, and screens roads to conceal movement of troops. Instructs camoufleurs, carpenters, painters, riggers, and canvas workers in the camouflage techniques.
Equipment used includes water color paints, oznaburg cotton cloth, and camouflage nets.
Must possess a high degree of color discrimination and be able to blend paints to produce natural effects. Must understand effect of changing weather conditions on camouflage.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Camoufleur