Operations Noncommissioned Officer (814) Enlisted Personnel

Assists operations officer in maintaining current military intelligence as to location and strength of friendly and enemy troop units, preparing plans for tactical employment and disposition of troops in attacks against enemy forces and the strategic withdrawal of troops in retrograde movements.
Maintains ground or aerial photo map of combat area on which is currently posted all military information received from intelligence units pertaining to location, strength, and disposition of friendly and enemy units, using colored pins, conventional Army signs, and other markers. Maintains diary or log of military activities and other incidents in which unit is involved. Assists in preparation of tactical plans concerning attacks against enemy forces and withdrawal of troops. Supervises typing and clerical work required in preparation of combat orders. Routes combat orders and map overlays to units concerned.
Equipment includes drafting boards, drafting pens, overlay paper, stereoscopes used in reading and interpreting aerial photos, and protractors used to locate points on maps.
Must know general organization of arm or service to which assigned and be familiar with its tactical employment and technique. Must be able to read maps accurately. Must be able to use stereoscopes and interpret aerial photos. Must be able to prepare map overlays using drafting table, overlay paper, and drafting pens.

Suitable Substitutions