Intelligence NCO (631) Enlisted Personnel

Assists in collection, evaluation, interpretation, and distribution of information of enemy and counterintelligence activities and the safeguarding of military information.
Collects, evaluates, interprets, and disseminates all enemy information secured by intelligence and reconnaissance units. Maintains situation maps such as order of battle, flak, and radar maps, aerial photographs, and records regarding enemy location, strength, and probably intentions. Assists in interrogation and search of enemy prisoners. May maintain liaison with other intelligence services and maintain liaison with other intelligence services and establishes intelligence observation posts. May assist in the preparation for briefing and interrogation of flying personnel.
Should be familiar with the use of drafting instruments, balopticans, projectors, and mimeograph machines.
Must be capable of instructing others in intelligence functions, observation and counterinformation activities and in conduct to be followed in the event of capture. Must be capable of preparing maps and sketches and interpreting aerial photographs.
Must be able to recognize enemy aircraft and armored vehicles, and flags, insignia, and uniforms of allied and enemy troops. Should be familiar with the interpretation of aerial photographs.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Intelligence Specialist (AAF)