Scout (761) Enlisted Personnel

Obtains information concerning strength, disposition, and probably intentions of enemy forces, route conditions, locations for bivouac, and terrain features in order to facilitate tactical employment and maneuver of friendly troops, and prevent surprise attack.
Applies scouting and patrolling principles in searching terrain for sign of enemy activity, operating from an observation post, on foot, or mounted. Records observations and transmits by the best available means of communication.
Based on observations of activity and disposition must be able to estimate strength of enemy detachments and arrive at a logical conclusion as to their probable intentions. Must be able to read maps and aerial photographs, makes sketches, and use compass and field glasses. Must be able to determine, by observation and inspection, what load may be moved over bridges and roads on route of advance of friendly troops. Must possess excellent visual memory. Must be able to remain oriented in unfamiliar territory.
At supervisory level, is responsible for control, coordination, and tactical employment of reconnaissance crew.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Intelligence Observer
  • Liaison Agent
  • Reconnaissance Agent
  • Reconnaissance NCO