Reconnaissance Car Crewman (733) Enlisted Personnel

Operates as member of reconnaissance car crew in combat in reconnoitring advance and enemy territory for information of military value.
As crew member, drives vehicle on which gun is mounted; lays, aims, and fires gun in accordance with fire orders from reconnaissance car commander; loads gun with ammunition; maintains radio communication where necessary when radio silence is not prescribed; or performs scouting missions on foot or mounted to obtain information concerning enemy.
Equipment includes antitank guns such as the 37-mm and 57-mm, light and heavy machine guns, and small arms.
Must be thoroughly familiar with reconnaissance techniques, scouting, and patrolling. Must be able to read maps and compass. Must be able to operate traversing and elevating mechanisms on antitank gun. Must be familiar with lead markings in sight to track moving targets. Must be capable of making accurate range estimations. Must be familiar with driver maintenance.
At supervisory level is responsible for control and tactical employment of reconnaissance crews, weapons, and vehicles.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Antitank Gunner
  • Intelligence Observer
  • Radio Telephone Operator
  • Reconnaissance Car Commander
  • Reconnaissance or Scout Car Driver
  • Scout Car Commander
  • Scout Car Crewman

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