Automatic Rifleman (746) Enlisted Personnel

Loads, aims, and fires an automatic rifle to provide fire power support to tactical units in capturing and holding enemy positions.
Fires rifle either semi-automatically or in short bursts, as situation demands, upon designated targets or distributed upon portions of enemy lines, changing position as situation demands. Reduces stoppages as they occur and cleans and oils and piece.
Must be able to use hand weapons, including rifle, automatic rifle, rifle grenade launcher, bayonet, trench knife, and hand grenades. Must be trained in taking advantage of camouflage cover and concealment, reorganizing and following arm and hand signals, and identification of enemy personnel, vehicles, and aircraft. Must be familiar with hand-to-hand fighting techniques. Must understand methods of defense against enemy weapons.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Ammunition Bearer
  • Rifle Noncommissioned Officer
  • Security Noncommissioned Officer

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