Pntoneer (817) Enlisted Personnel

Works as member of group engaged in assembling, disassembling, and maintaining ponton bridges used to facilitate passage of personnel and equipment across streams.
Unloads component parts of ponton bridges from trucks and trailers and places them in order in which they will be assembled. Assembles and lashes component parts of bridge. Smooths and levels approach to bridge abutment, using picks and shovels, and digs trench in which abutment sill is to be embedded. Installs abutment span and trestle spans which form approach to first ponton and then moves successive pontons into position. Anchors pontons, using cable and heavy weights. Fastens flooring strips on pontons and aligns assembled bridge by adjusting anchor cables. Bails water from pontons by means of pump. Replaces broken or damaged bridge flooring. Dismantles bridge and stacks parts on trucks and trailers.
May operate outboard motor.
Must be above average in physical strength.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Motor Boat Operator

Suitable Substitutions