Supply Clerk (835) Enlisted Personnel

Performs various clerical and stock-handling duties in connection with receipt, storage, issue, and shipping of general supplies and equipment in an Army warehouse or unit supply section.
Checks incoming and outgoing supplies against items listed on requisitions, invoices, and bills of lading, counting, grading, or weighing articles involved. Stores materials in storage bins, racks, and compartments, arranging items in such manner as will facilitate taking of inventories and provide protection against dampness and deterioration. Receives and fills requisitions for supplies and equipment by directly issuing articles to authorized personnel or by preparing items for shipment.
Maintains stock records pertaining to such items as amount, kind, and value of supplies and equipment received, issued, or expended and balance on hand. Anticipates and prevents stock depletions by estimating required amounts for future use.
Should be familiar with Army regulations governing accountability, responsibility, and supply procedures, including maintenance of stock and stock record accounts. Should be familiar with principles of military bookkeeping. Proficiency in use of typewriter desirable.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Receiving and Shipping Checker
  • Shipping Clerk
  • Stock Clerk
  • Stock Control Clerk
  • Stock Record Clerk

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