Radar Operator, AN/TPQ (Designated Model) (842) Enlisted Personnel

Operates a designated model of radar AN/TPQ or similar equipment. Operates equipment by manipulation of tuning or operating controls; observers readings on dials and indicators; furnishes transmission data to operating teams on such matters as frequency, pulse recurrence frequency and bearing; assists in installation of receiver, antenna, and associated antenna equipment; maintains log and other records; assists in the plotting of operational data.
Uses small hand tools in performing maintenance and repair work which consists of inspecting, dusting, and oiling equipment; making simple repairs, adjustments, and replacements of parts such as fuses, filters, batteries, pilot lights, tubes, and antennas.
Must be thoroughly familiar with the tuning of radar receivers, associated analyzers, and panoramic equipment. Must be able to read accurately various meters, dials, and indicators from which search data are obtained. Must be able to read maps, barometric altimeters, and surveying compasses.