Gun Crewman, Light Artillery (844) Enlisted Personnel

As a member of a 75-mm howitzer, 105-mm howitzer or gun artillery crew using fixed or semifixed ammunition, assists in moving, emplacing, firing, displacing, and withdrawing the piece in combat operations.
Performs one or more of the following operations during the firing mission: sets horizontal angle from established position by means of a panoramic sight, and manipulates gun traverse wheel to place gun on target. Makes additional changes in angular deflection or directed, to achieve fire precision or to transfer fire to other targets. Sets target range on range drum and target angle of site on angle-of-site scale. Carries, inspects, cleans, and passes ammunition. Attaches fuze to projectile using fuze wrench. Sets fuze for quick or delayed action, using fuze setter. Opens and closes breech and loads piece by hand, pushing round into breech until firmly seated. Fires piece by pulling hand lanyard. Using rammer and rammer staff removes unfired rounds or cartridge cases which cannot be ejected by extractor. Inspects bore and swabs with water. Cleans breech. When semifixed ammunition is used, removes projectile from cartridge case, withdraws excess powder increments and assists in such maintenance operation as cleaning, oiling, and rustproofing vital parts of gun. As a member of 105-mm howitzer crew, places projectiles on loading barrow, using rammer to seat projectiles in breech recess, removes and inserts powder charge, and inserts primer in firing mechanism block.
At supervisory level, is responsible for control, coordination, and tactical employment of light artillery pieces and crew members.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Ammunition Handler
  • Ammunition Noncommissioned Officer
  • Cannoneer
  • Gunner
  • Infantry Cannon Crewman