Medical Laboratory Technician (858) Enlisted Personnel

Conducts microscopic and chemical tests and analyses at a medical laboratory to determine presence of germs and chemical composition of body fluids, and to prepare cultures, vaccines, and serums.
Sets up and adjusts apparatus, such as beakers, tubes, mortars, burners, centrifuge, microscope, and slides.
Accomplishes complete bloody count and allied hematological procedures, including malaria smears, blood typing, and sedimentation rate.
Examines blood, urine, feces and other compositions for their chemical content by qualitative and quantitive methods. Identifies by smear and cultural techniques pathogenic bacteria and parasites. Performs standard serological procedures for syphilis, typhoid fever, typhus, and other infectious diseases.
May operate electrocardiagraph and basal metabolism equipment and record data. May process human blood to prepare plasma.
Should have working knowledge of laboratory techniques, histology, and parasitology.

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