Director Repairman, Electrical, Heavy Antiaircraft Artillery (899) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects, lubricates, and repairs electrical fire control directors used in connection with antiaircraft artillery of 3 inches and larger.
Examines instrument for efficient operating condition by setting in static and range problems, operating equipment, and checking dial reading and recordings against standard tolerance tables for errors. Repairs and replaces malfunctioning units, such as weak and burned out electrical components and talk amplifiers and multipliers, by disassembling unit, replacing worn or defective parts, and making necessary precision adjustments. Reassembles, inspects, and retests instrument.
Uses such tools and equipment as voltmeter, ammeter, ohmeter, vernier depth gauge, stop watch pliers, screw drivers, tweezer, punch drive pin, adjustable and socket wrenches, and electric soldering iron.
Should have working knowledge of algebra and trigonometry.