Height Finder Repairman (921) Enlisted Personnel

Maintains and makes major repairs on all height finders used in antiaircraft and seacoast artillery.
Checks calibration by sighting on a fixed point of known distance to determine whether required tolerance can be obtained by regulating various vernier screws. Disassembles instrument to determine type of repair necessary. Checks adjustment and alignment of lenses and prisms and replaces defective parts. Checks gear mechanism for wear, adjusting backlash by filing high spots on meshing gears or by replacing defective parts. Lubricates mechanism and cleans optical system, using solvents and lens paper. Reassembles instrument and checks calibration.
Operates a bench lathe, drill press, and bench grinder to make unobtainable parts or special tools. Uses special screw drivers, wrenches, files, pliers, tweezers, hand-drills, air syringe, electric soldering iron, and magnifying glass.
Must be able to work to minute tolerances.

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