Instrument Repairman, Fire Control (922) Enlisted Personnel

Maintains and makes major repairs on all types of fire control instruments, such as range finder, aiming circle, battery commander's telescope, and nonoptical instruments.
Sets up and levels fire control instrument on fixed target to determine maladjustment of equipment, and makes adjustments to bring instrument within required tolerance. Repairs malfunctioning equipment by completely disassembling units, cleaning and examining such elements as lenses, prisms, and worn gear mechanisms. Checks all lenses and prisms for aberrations, replaces worn or defective parts, and reassembles and checks holders to make sure all parts will be held securely. Tests instruments possessing double optical systems for proper columnation. Operates precision bench lathes, drill press, and bench grinders to fabricate unobtainable parts, special tools, and for matching and grinding replacement parts to secure proper alignment and clearances. Makes final inspection of fire control instruments.
Uses such tools and equipment as instrument repairman's tools, bench lathes, spindle drills, collimators, and vernier gauges.
Must have knowledge of the construction and operation of all types of fire control instruments.