Special Vehicle Operator (932) Enlisted Personnel

Operates large semitrailers, trailer-trucks, wrecking equipment, refueling units, Diesel powered towing equipment, and other special purpose vehicles used in connection with construction, salvage, or transportation activities, and operates special equipment with which vehicle is outfitted.
Checks operation of lights, brakes, steering mechanism, and other working parts. Services, cleans, and lubricates vehicle. Makes minor road repairs to vehicle in emergency. Accomplishes standard vehicle report forms. Camouflages vehicle. Operates hoists, fuel pumping, or other special equipment mounted on vehicle.
Should know general principles of the internal combustion engine, power transmission, and electrical systems of vehicle. Must know civilian and military traffic regulations, convoy regulations, convoy rules, and road discipline. Must know how to read maps and overlays and be able to drive at night and during blackout over all types of terrain. Must possess Army motor vehicle operator's permit.

Suitable Substitutions