Photographic Laboratory Technician (945) Enlisted Personnel

Performs a variety of tasks in connection with photographic processing in a military photographic laboratory.
Prepares and mixes photographic solutions, following prescribed formula. Develops film by immersing them for prescribed periods at specified temperatures in prepared chemical solutions. Makes contact and projection prints by means of printing machine, placing sensitized paper over negative and exposing the prints to electric light, removes prints from machine, develops them in chemical solutions, and drys them. In Army Air Forces, assembles uncontrolled mosaic strips, makes reproduction photographs by use of standard copy cameras or other ground cameras and equipment.
May spot or retouch photographic prints and negatives, using retouching fluid, knives, and pencils.
At supervisory level, is responsible for control and coordination of laboratory personnel and equipment.
Must be thoroughly familiar with photographic laboratory equipment such as film developers, film driers, and print driers. Must be familiar with various types of sensitized materials, print washes, and other chemicals used in connection with photographic work.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Aerial Photographic Laboratory Technician
  • Laboratory Technician, Developer, Still
  • Laboratory Technician, General
  • Lay-out Man, Photographic
  • Photographer, Developer
  • Photographer, Printer
  • Photographer, Printer
  • Photographer, Retouching Artist
  • Photographic Chief
  • Photographic Darkroom Man
  • Photographic Laboratory Chief
  • Photographic Laboratory Supervisor

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