Ammunition Renovator (949) Enlisted Personnel

Unpacks, disassembles, inspects, repairs, and reassembles various types of ammunition. Performs renovation of complete rounds or their components as is necessary, operating assembly and disassembly machines and other equipment, weighing powder, and refuzing projectiles. Cleans and resizes cartridge cases to meet required dimensions.
Inspects fixed and separate loading ammunition in storage, during renovation, or prior to shipment, disassembling and visually examining to detect evidence of deterioration, and determining need for destruction or renovation. Destroys ammunition and components by approved methods. May supervise and coordinate work of a group of renovators and munitions workers. May recommend changes in methods and working procedures.
Must know Ordnance and other safety regulations governing storage and handling of ammunition.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Ammunition Inspector
  • Field Inspector

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