Uniforms and Equipment

The US Army during World War II saw rapid development of the clothing and equipment issued to the GI.

Guide to Marking Uniforms and Equipment with Laundry Numbers

Distinguishing your uniform and equipment from others can be difficult in the field. Read our handy guide on how to mark them in the correct, WWII manner to distinguish your gear from others.

WWII US Army Spectacles - A Guide for Living Historians

Spectacles are an important part of life for many re-enactors and living historians, but are often overlooked when putting together an accurate impression. Learn how to complete the look with our handy guide!

Table of Basic Allowances Number 21

This Table of Basic Allowances, prepared by the Office of the Quartermaster General on 23 February 1942 lists the prescribed issue of clothing and equipment to individuals and organizations.

Individual Clothing and Equipment Issued for Operation "Neptune"

This article presents an individual clothing and equipment list issued to all assault troops for the invasion of Normandy, published by the Office of the Quartermaster General.

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