Boilermaker (030) Enlisted Personnel

Overhauls locomotive boilers, tenders, and pressure tanks and builds and repairs tanks, vats, or other containers made of heavy steel in a locomotive boiler or other repair shop.
Patches, rebuilds, or replaces such parts as fire boxes, flue sheets, and flues in locomotive boilers, air and water tanks, and coal hoppers. Performs such operations as laying out work on plates and cutting plates to size and shape, punch-holes in plates for rivets or bolts, bending angle irons and plates to desired radius, calking seams and rivet heads, fastening boiler tubes or flues into headers, assembling and riveting or welding headers, tubes, and baffle plates. Inspects, tests, and examines boilers to determine adequacy of repairs and fitness for service.
Equipment includes air hammer, air and electric drill, oxyacetylene cutting and welding equipment; lay-out tools; nibbler, punches, and shears, pneumatic riveters and grinders, swaging and expanding machinery, boiler test apparatus.
Must have knowledge of the construction and functioning of various types of boilers.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Boiler Inspector
  • Boilermaker, Layer-out
  • Foreman, Boilermaker
  • Punch and Shear Operator

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