Electrician (078) Enlisted Personnel

Installs, tests, and repairs electrical fixtures, electrical apparatus, electrical control equipment, and wiring used in connection with radio, communication, light and power systems of buildings, or other military projects.
Follows blueprints, sketches, and specifications in installing and repairing panel boards, circuit breakers, outlet boxes, switch boxes, pull boxes, and other concealed equipment. Measures, cuts, threads, and bends conduit used to connect outlets, panels, and boxes. Pulls wire through conduit by means of steel snake. Splices wire by removing insulation with knife or cutting pliers, twists bare wires together, and solders and tapes connection. Hangs lighting fixtures and connects them to wiring system. Tests wire circuits for continuity, using battery with light and bulb connection.
May test and repair electric motors and automatic starting and stopping devices.
Uses electrician's hand tools and instruments.