Stationary Fireman (084) Enlisted Personnel

Tends, feeds, cleans, and maintains steam pressure in a portable, semiportable, or fixed boiler used for supplying heat or steam to power equipment, an industrial process, or a building.
Uses mechanical stoker, chain grate, or hand shovel to place fuel, such as coat, coke, oil, or gas in firebox. Spreads fuel evenly and pokes fire to obtain maximum heating value. Regulates drafts and fuel supply to maintain required steam pressure, which is indicated on a gauge. Maintains water in boiler at required level. Introduces additional water by manipulating valves to control operation of a water feed pump. Removes ashes and clinkers from fire box, using bars, shovels, and wires.
Should know purpose and operation of such devices as safety valves, steam and water gauges, safety cocks, water feed pumps, and forced or induced draft fans.

Suitable Substitutions