Locomotive Fireman (111) Enlisted Personnel

Fires and tends a locomotive boiler, maintaining even fire in locomotive fire box to generate steam for locomotive power.
Fuels boiler by hand, shoveling coal, coke, or other fuel into fire box or by manipulating valves to control flow of fuel oil to fire box. Maintains proper amount of water in tender of cistern. Checks water in gauge to determine whether boiler is adequately supplied. Supplies boiler with water by operating valve which causes water to be injected into boiler under pressure. Performs minor cleaning and maintenance on locomotive. Wipes gauges and control levers in engine cab. Performs elementary maintenance operations, such as replacing flexible air hose connections. When locomotive is in operation, keeps watch on roads and crossings from side of engine cab in order to avoid accidents.
Equipment includes locomotive of various heavy tonnages, fire rake, and regulation locomotive shovel.
Must be able to judge condition of fire by its color to keep a steady heat. Must know correct height of water in boiler. Must be thoroughly acquainted with semaphore signals used on military railroads.

Suitable Substitutions