Central Office Repairman (095) Enlisted Personnel

Tests, repairs, and maintains manual telephone and telegraph equipment in a military central office.
Tests circuits and equipment to locate trouble, using testing devices such as voltmeters, ohmmeters, hydrometers, picks, and spring tension gauges. Diagnoses cause of trouble and makes repairs or adjustments by soldering proper connections, taping shorted wires, replacing burned out fuzes or resistance lamps, cleaning relays, or replacing defective parts. Adjusts relays, lamps, jacks, cords, plugs, repeater coils, and other equipment for proper functioning of a manual telephone exchange. Maintains heat coils and carbon block protectors. Executes service orders on local telephone truck and tie lines, battery and generator supply lines, long lines, and PBX supervising equipment. Installs, removes, and changes cross connections at distributing frame.
Uses wide variety of tools including soldering iron, augers, ratchets, screwdrivers, wrenches, burnishing tool, hammers, hack saws, wire cutters, files, pliers, and countersinks.
Must be acquainted with installation and functioning of central office equipment. Must be able to read circuit diagrams.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Frameman, Telephone and Telegraph
  • Insideman, Telephone
  • Telephone and Telegraphs Equipment Repairman (AAF)

Suitable Substitutions