Installer-Repairman, Telephone and Telegraph (097) Enlisted Personnel

Installs, maintains, and repairs military telephone and telegraph station equipment, including telephone subsets, telegraph instruments, protectors, and key switching equipment.
Installs telephone substation equipment such as telephones and bells, using field or permanent type equipment. Strings wires and installs cable and junction boxes, and tests newly installed lines for continuity, clarity, and volume. Using testing sets, locates defective equipment. Tightens loose connections and replaces worn wires and broken or defective parts. Inspects poles and tests for cable troubles, using climbing irons and body tools. Performs overhead installation, construction, and maintenance work. Makes shop repairs on rubber covered cable, using vulcanizing equipment.
Must be able to use a wide variety of electrician's hand tools and testing equipment including side-cutting pliers, wire cutters, brace and bit, saw, lineman's belt, safety belt, and testing set.
Must be able to read wiring diagrams, and must know all common troubles to be found in operation of a telephone circuit.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Aircraft Warning Plotting Board Installer-Repairman

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