Laundry Machine Operator (103) Enlisted Personnel

Operates one or more power-driven machines used to launder clothing and equipment for individuals and medical or salvage repair units in a fixed or mobile laundry.
Receives soiled clothing and equipment from the marker and places it in washing machine. Removes cleaned clothing from washer and places it into centrifugal extractor for the preliminary drying and then into a hot air dry tumbler for final drying. In a fixed installation, may also operate flat-work presser. In a mobile unit, aids in setting up trailers for field operation.
May operate these machines to sterilize or impregnate clothing and equipment.
Must know cleaning materials, temperatures, and procedures for different types of fabrics and dyes. Must know how to prevent shrinking, fading, and excessive weakening of textiles.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Chief Operator, Sterilizater
  • Tumblerman
  • Washman

Suitable Substitutions