Locomotive Mechanic (112) Enlisted Personnel

Performs various types of mechanical repair in a railroad repair shop in connection with the maintenance of military railroad locomotives.
Tests engine parts for defects and replaces defective parts. Inspects, tests, and repairs or replaces air, vacuum, or steam brakes and brake operating equipment. Lays off and lines down locomotive shoes and wedges. Aligns and repairs locomotive rods and pins. Rebores cylinders. Repairs and replaces trim on locomotives. Adjusts and sets locomotive valves. Lubricates locomotive parts.
Equipment includes portable pneumatic and electric tools such as cylinder facers and crank pin turners, radial upright and sensitive drills, bolt and nut threading machinery, brake test rack, air pump cylinder grinder, cock grinder, and other brake repair equipment.
Must have knowledge of principles of locomotive design and construction and operation of various parts.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Foreman, Mechanic, Locomotive
  • Locomotive Brake Inspector
  • Locomotive Brake Mechanic
  • Locomotive Hostler

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