Mechanic, Marine Engine (477) Enlisted Personnel

Maintains and repairs marine engines and equipment such as propelling machinery, steam, Diesel, gas, or electric auxiliaries, pumps, anchor handling gear, steering apparatus, and boilers, on military vessels.
Replaces worn or broken parts wit new or improvised parts. Adjusts and tests repaired equipment for proper operation.
As master mechanic, inspects the different types of equipment and supervises the disassembly, replacement of worn or broken parts, and the reassembly of repaired equipment. Inspects completed repairs for quality of work. Instructs marine mechanics in the fitting and assembly of machine parts, cutting and fitting gaskets, grinding and lapping valves and joints, cutting thread, and bending and fitting tubes and tubing.
Must be familiar with engines and auxiliary equipment, including condensers, vacuum pumps, boiler-feed water pumps, circulating pumps, and water gauges.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Master Mechanic, Marine
  • Mechanic, Diesel