Mechanic, Engine, Track Vehicle (909) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects and performs unit replacement, field repairs, or complete rebuilding of gasoline or Diesel engines.
Inspects and tests malfunctioning gasoline radial engines, Diesel and gasoline inline internal combustion engines and accessory equipment in track-laying vehicles to ascertain extent and nature of repairs required. Repairs, adjusts, and makes subassembly and assembly replacements necessary to restore engine to satisfactory operation. Performs major overhaul and rebuild of engines by disassembling and carefully examining all parts of such assemblies and subassemblies as cylinders, crankcase, front and rear sections, diffuser section, and other internal mechanisms to determine wear and condition of parts. Repairs and replaces worn and defective parts, reassembles unit and engine, and tests on engine test block, using such tools and equipment as adaptors, arbor presses, drills and taps, various size pullers and reamers, straight and socket wrenches, hammers, pliers, screw drivers, valve clearance adjusting screw wrench, bench vises, soldering irons, engine speed gauge, and chain hosts.
May make minor repairs on such units as carburetors, superchargers, fuel pumps, and magnetos. Uses feeler gauges, inside and outside micrometers, and cylinder bore gauges.