Mechanic, Engine, Wheel Vehicle (Gasoline) (905) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects and performs unit replacement, field repairs, and adjustments and complete unit rebuilding of gasoline in-line engines in all types of military vehicles.
Examines malfunctioning engines to determine causes of faulty operation, checking such elements as valves, pistons and piston rings, crank shafts, connecting rods and bearings, and timing gears. Disassembles and replaces defectives or damaged subassemblies or completely rebuilds assemblies, making such major repairs as refacing and reseating of valves, taking up or replacing main and connecting rod and wrist pin bearings, and fitting and replacing cylinder sleeves and pistons.
May operate engine lathe and power grinders to secure proper tolerances and clearances in refitting replacement parts. May operate dynamometer tester in testing and adjusting newly rebuilt engines or in diagnosing trouble in malfunctioning engines.
Uses automobile mechanic's tools, including engine lathes, power grinders, and valve refacing equipment.
Must have thorough knowledge of the principles of internal combustion engines.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Mechanic, Engine, Wheel Vehicle