Diesel Mechanic (013) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects, tests, and performs field repairs and adjustments, unit replacement, or complete rebuilding of Diesel engines and accessory equipment in a mobile or fixed repair shop.
Visually inspects or uses such testing devices as test light and injector testing apparatus to determine causes of faulty operation. Locates trouble and makes repairs and adjustments on timing gears, ignition, transmission, brakes, clutches, differentials, superchargers, and fuel injection systems. Using such tools and equipment as auto mechanic's tools, valve grinders, drill presses, and lathes, replaces defective unit or subassemblies or completely tears down, overhauls and rebuilds unit or subassemblies.
Must have knowledge of the theory, construction, and operation of Diesel powered engines.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Locomotive Diesel Mechanic
  • Tractor Mechanic (Diesel)