Construction Equipment Mechanic (319) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects, repairs, and tests construction equipment such as bulldozers, angle dozers, road scrapers, ditching machines, road graders, road rollers, cranes, power shovels, air compressors, tractors, trailers, fire pumpers, concrete mixers, and rock crushers in mobile or fixed repair shop.
Examines visually or operates equipment to determine causes of faulty operation. Locates trouble and repairs entire unit or subassembly such as engine, track, chassis, blades, controls, booms, hoppers, and other parts by tearing down, cleaning, adjusting, and installing new or rebuilt parts and reassembling unit or subassembly.
Uses mechanic's hand tools, crowbars, hoists, gauges, calipers, and rulers.
Must have knowledge of the operation of construction equipment.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Foreman, Construction Equipment Repair
  • Tractor Mechanic