Motorcycle Mechanic (138) Enlisted Personnel

Inspects, maintains, and makes major repairs on motorcycles and accessory equipment in a military repair shop.
Examines and tests equipment to determine causes for faulty operation, checking such elements as carburetor, ignition system, cooling systems, transmission, and clutch. Disassembles such parts of the motor, transmission, or running gear requiring repair, and repairs and replaces worn or defective parts. Reassembles unit, lubricating all moving parts and making adjustments for proper alignment and clearances.
May rebore cylinders, reface and regrind valves, and refit connecting rods. May balance fly wheels, straighten frames, and align wheels.
Must have a knowledge of construction and operation of various models of motorcycles and be skilled in the use of such tools and equipment as hammers, punches, chisels, socket and open end wrenches, files, hack saws, thickness gauges, squaring plate, fly wheel truing device, bench lathe, connecting rod aligner, valve refacing machine, and power grinders.