Signal Mechanic, Railway (181) Enlisted Personnel

Installs, repairs, and maintains signal equipment incident to the operation of military railway systems.
Locates, erects, repairs, and tests signal equipment along railroad route such as lamps, lanterns, oscillating arms, crossing bells, and switch indicators. Tests circuits connected to signals. Repairs and installs new signals. Installs and maintains insulated rail joints. Adjusts switches and switch boxes. Repairs interlocking towers. Checks batteries, refilling with water or installing new ones. Cleans signal lamps and lenses.
Equipment includes handsaw, knife, pliers, scissors, screw drivers, files, splicing clamp, wire splices, soldering irons, blow torch, and pole climbing aids such as safety belt and climbing irons.
Must be familiar with rules and regulations governing operation of military railways. Must be familiar with principles of railway signal systems including manually operated, automatic, semiautomatic and fixed signals. Should be able to read blueprints.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Railway Signal Supervisor

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