Shop Engineer, Railway (205) Enlisted Personnel

Assigns and coordinates the work of enlisted men in a military railroad repair shop in effecting major repairs to steam, Diesel, gasoline, and electric locomotives, tenders, tank cars, and passenger and freight cars, and is responsible for maintenance of shop facilities and equipment.
Makes initial inspection of repair jobs received and determines extend of repairs necessary. Plans repair operations, considering availability of supplies and materials and relative urgency of jobs on hand. Assigns repair work to shop foreman and supervises, directs, and checks all operations. Major repairs include machining of locomotive and car parts, welding, forging, sand blasting, and car carpentry. Coordinates work to minimize conflicting operations, makes final inspection of completed jobs, and assumes responsibility for quality of all work leaving shops. Approves and directs necessary repairs of shop facilities and equipment and recommends requisition of new equipment and disposal of old equipment. Sets up safety and fire prevention regulations. Supervises removal of railroad wrecks.
Must be able to supervise shop foreman, and be familiar with such shop trades as boilermakers, blacksmiths, locomotive mechanics, railway car mechanics, car carpenters, painters, pipefitters, Diesel mechanics, and electric locomotive repairman. Must have a thorough knowledge of the design, construction, and operation of all types of locomotives.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Assistant Ship Superintendent
  • Railway Shop Dispatcher
  • Wreckmaster

Suitable Substitutions