Welder, Combination (256) Enlisted Personnel

Fuzes metal parts to fabricate metal articles and repairs broken or cracked metal objects by means of electric-welding or acetylene-welding apparatus in an Army repair or machine shop.
Places parts to be joined or object to be repaired on a flat surface and wires, clamps, or otherwise holds objects in position. Assembles welding apparatus and applies heat to metal until it melts, at the same time applying a metal rod to the molten area to supply excess metal needed to form weld.
May preheat parts to be welded with torch before welding to obtain a better weld. May heat treat after welding.
Equipment includes acetylene torch, cutting assembly, and set of tips, hand-operated lever shears, electrically powered grinder and burnishing machines, hand-operated bead former, electrically powered tubing saw, combination rule and set, dividers, wooden mallet, wrenches, and electric drill. Material includes welding and soldering fluxes, asbestos sheeting, angle iron, and aluminum, bronze, cast iron, steel, silver soldering, and lead soldering rods.
Must know properties and identity of metals. Must be able to read blueprints. Must be able to plan and construct jigs for holding parts together during welding process.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Burner, Acetylene
  • Welder, Acetylene
  • Welder, Electric Arc

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