Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Crewman (2601) Enlisted Personnel

As member of gun crew performs one or more of the following tasks incident to firing and maintenance of a fixed or mobile 90-mm, 120-mm, or similar size gun used for protection of combat elements or strategic areas from enemy aircraft, mechanized forces, or small naval vessel.
Examines gun for proper mechanical functioning. Unloads projectiles from trucks, inspects projectiles and fuzes for defects, brings up ammunition from prime mover or ammunition dump to rear of emplacement, passes shells to loader, inserts shells in fuze cutter, loads into breech, or removes empty shells from gun position. Operates fuze setter, turning crank on setter and automatically adjusting fuze ring on shell to desired setting, or turns handwheel keeping pointer on fuze setting dial matches with pointer electrically controlled from fire control director. Rams home shell in breech, fires pieces and watches for misfires. Turns handwheels electrically moving gun in azimuth and elevation, keeping pointers on azimuth and elevation dials aligned with pointers electrically controlled from director, thus maintaining synchronization between gun and director. When firing with direct sights tracks target and operates either azimuth or elevation handwheel mechanically operating gun. Performs maintenance tasks on piece including greasing and oiling, and cleaning breech and bore.
In a mobile crew, assists in unloading, unlimbering, emplacing, and preparing gun for action by installing and unfolding outriggers, leveling jacks, and inspecting breech and working mechanisms, and in restoring piece to traveling position after firing.
At supervisory level, is responsible for control of operations and tactical employment of gun crews and guns.
Should be acquainted with mechanical functioning and tactical use of gun, the reduction of stoppages, and should be familiar with duties of all members of the crew.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Ammunition Handler
  • Antiaircraft Artillery Non-commissioned Officer, Gun
  • Cannoneer
  • Fuze Setter
  • Gunner, Antiaircraft Machine Gunner