Gun Crewman, Coast Artillery (608) Enlisted Personnel

As a member of a Coast Artillery gun crew of major caliber, assists in operating a fixed, semi-fixed, or railway artillery piece to bring fire to bear against enemy seacraft in coastal frontier defense waters.
Performs one or more of the following operations: Keeps gun pointed at target, setting range on range scale and the deflection from an established position on the panoramic sight, or uses a system of matching pointers on dials attached to gun to effect same result. Opens and closes breech manually or by employing power mechanism. Inspects and cleans projectiles on ammunition table, truck, or platform, and by hand, crane, or hoist moves to rammer tray. Seats projectile by hand or power ramming. Removes powder charge from container and inserts in breech recess by hand or by ramming. Inserts primer in firing mechanism black. Fires piece by pulling handle of firing magneto or by pulling hand lanyard. After misfire removes unfired round using rammer and rammer staff. Inspects bore and swabs with water. Cleans breech and firing mechanism block. Assists in such maintenance operations as cleaning, oiling, and rustproofing vital parts of gun.
At supervisory level, is responsible for control of operations and tactical employment of gun crew and gun.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Ammunition Chief
  • Cannoneer
  • Chief of Breech
  • Fuze Setter
  • Gun Commander
  • Gun Pointer
  • Gunner
  • Range Setter