Longshoreman (271) Enlisted Personnel

As member of crew, loads and unloads military supplies and equipment from ships.
Removes hatch cover and beams by hand or brindle slings and piles cover and beams on dock. Moves cargo in hold and on wharf by hand, conveyor, hand truck, and platform truck. Uses slings, pallets, hooks, ropes, and other gear to lift draft into or out of hold. Stows cargo in hold, using bracing and dunnage, to protect ship and cargo and to provide air courses for cargo. Uses hand signals to direct winchman in hoisting and lowering platforms, nets, and slings loaded with cargo from dock or hold. Replaces beams and hatch cover upon completion of stowing cargo. Stows bulky cargo on deck using bracing, dunnage, and tarpaulins and lashing cargo securely to deck.
May supervise a crew of longshoremen in cargo handling.
Must know knots, splices, rigging and correct methods of stowing various types of cargo. Must be above average in strength.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Dock Boss
  • Hatch Foreman
  • Hatch Tender
  • Header
  • Stevedore Foreman
  • Walking Boss

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