Medium Tank Crewman (2746) Enlisted Personnel

As member of crew of a medium tank or medium tank-mounted assault gun used in the attack of enemy positions, performs one or more of the following duties: Drives the vehicle to secure maximum fire effect without undue exposure to enemy fire. Operates the radio to maintain communication with other elements. Fires weapons of vehicle, including cannon and machine guns, to destroy enemy personnel, lines of communication, vehicles, pill boxes, and other targets, and to protect vehicle against attack. Inspects and checks engine, oil levels, innerphone headset communication, radio, vehicle operating equipment, turret mechanism, tracks, bogie wheels, ammunition, and weapons. Cleans and services .30- and .50-caliber machine guns and cannon, and bore-sights cannon.
At supervisory level, is responsible for control, coordination and tactical employment of tank and crew member.
Must have sufficient knowledge of tactical employment of armored vehicles to be able to anticipate commands, take advantage of cover, and maneuver to obtain targets. Must be skilful in entering and leaving vehicle under combat conditions and capable of fighting with hand weapons when dismounted. Must be familiar with gunnery techniques of direct and indirect fire.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Assault Gun Crewman, Medium
  • Bow Gunner
  • Cannoneer
  • Gunner
  • Loader
  • Radio Tender
  • Tank Commander
  • Tank Driver
  • Tank Gunner