Radar Crewman (Designated Set) (514) Enlisted Personnel

As a member of a team assembles and disassembles mobile or fixed ground radar equipment (designated set) and operates it by manipulating tuning or operating controls while observing readings on oscilloscopes. Plots and reads both polar and rectangular coordinates and converts polar coordinates into rectangular coordinates. Assists in keeping equipment in good condition and in preparing equipment for transportation.
Uses small hand tools in maintenance and repair work which consists of inspecting, dusting, and oiling equipment; and making simple repairs, adjustments, and replacements of parts such as fuzes, filters, batteries, pilot lights, and spark plugs.
May direct and instruct crew in the operation of designated sets and rotate task assignments to prevent fatigue and maintain efficiency. May supervise the assembly or disassembly of ground radar equipment.
Must be familiar with the principles of detection and identification by radar equipment. Must be thoroughly familiar with procedures for operating the equipment under the handicap of interference from similar equipment or from enemy countermeasure activity, and must understand the procedure for reporting the presence and location of such interference.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Chief Radar Operator
  • Radar Operator (Designated Set)
  • Portable Power Generator, Operator

Suitable Substitutions