Signal Supply Technician (581) Enlisted Personnel

Supervises requisitioning, receiving, transporting, storing, issuing, and inventorying of signal equipment.
Directs consolidation of requisitions for signal supplies from lower units and forwarding of requisitions to base depot or other higher supply echelon. Supervises unloading and storage of supplies in accordance with correct warehousing procedures, and in such a manner as to permit inventory, issuance, or shipment with the least confusion. Prepares or supervises upkeep of records. When shipment of supplies arrives, examines equipment for defects, and separates according to requisition. Periodically takes physical inventory of signal equipment of lower units, checking supplies on hand against shipping tickets.
Must be familiar with all types of signal equipment, know expendibles in signal supply, understand, warehousing, and be familiar with Army regulations governing accountability, responsibility, and supply procedure involving action to be taken in the event of loss or damage to Government property.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Communications Supply Technician (AAF)

Suitable Substitutions